Collection Management @ UM Libraries

Dean Cecilia Botero presented to Faculty Senate on December 4th, 2018 (presentation below) about projected library collection deficits and the library's plans to reduce expenditures. For FY19, the library reduced Wiley expenditures by ~27%. However, the library has maintained, and even expanded, access to Wiley content through the use of tokens although we have decreased our long-term, perpetual content.

Tokens: Tokens are pre-paid credits that allow users to view an article even though the University of Mississippi does not have an active subscription.

Single-Title Journal Subscriptions Cancelled

Each year, the library makes changes to its journal holdings. The attached list are the journals cancelled for FY19

Forced Subscription Changes

For different reasons, the library no longer subscribes to a resource for reasons beyond our control. Reasons include: publisher ceases to exist, journal discontinued, and the journal moves to open access