CSCI 300: Social Responsibility in Computer Science

Questions to Ask

  • Are there any key researchers in this area? Who?
    • Review their publications.
    • Review who they are citing.
    • Review who is citing them.

  • Are there key publications in this area? What are they?
    • Review the publication.
    • Review the papers being cited.
    • Find the article in an indexing database (INSPEC or Scopus) and find articles with the same subject terms

  • What are the concepts related to your area of study?
    • Identify the concepts.
    • Find articles related to this concepts and look for common themes / connections.
    • You are also looking for possible gaps in the literature/research.

  • What indexes can I use to find related research?
    • Scopus
    • ACM Guide to Computing Literature
    • INSPEC
    • Google Scholar

Lit Review Graphic